Unique Handmade Gifts for Halloween

The Luvcrftn Shop on Etsy is now open and full of unique handmade gifts!

My friend Karen is responsible for most of the crafting goodies I try to make nowadays. Her handmade items are amazing. She is a very talented lady who is not afraid to try new things. The best part about it is that she always excels at the new endeavors. She also inspires others to try to do their best as well.

This brings us to the reason for this post – the Luvcrftn Shop on Etsy! She is just starting to fill it with lovely one of a kind and special order creations. More unique handmade gifts will be added on a regular basis. There are already holiday offerings for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course, my favorites are the Halloweenistic style goodies. It is a fun and exciting new shop with something for everyone.

I hope you’ll go check it out and bookmark her. Her lovely offerings make fantastic gifts for any occasion.


Luvcrftn witches hat earring & pendant set on halloweenistic unique handmade gifts


Luvcrftn's pumpkin pin on halloweenistic with more unique handmade gifts


Black Widow Spider on web pendant and earring set on halloweenistic plus unique handmade gifts


The Luvcrftn Shop on Etsy is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. She ships super quick and you won’t be disappointed! I will have to show off some of my treasures from her shop soon.

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