Ten Top DIY Black Cat Crafts

To me, black cats are the most beautiful and mysterious of our little feline friends. I told you all about this love of mine last year in this post. Unfortunately, my beloved Porkchop, the star of that post passed away last month and I was/still am devastated. So I’m dedicating this collection of black cat crafts in his honor. He always enjoyed “helping” me with whatever I was doing. RIP little man.




From around the web (and Pinterest), I’ve gathered ten fun and crafty do-it-yourself projects designed to honor these furry little minions. Included in this collection are crafts for various ages and abilities.


arched black cat yard decoration

From HGTV, our first choice is an arched-back black cat cut-out for your yard decor. He’s life-sized!


beaded black cat tutorial

This darling little beaded black cat comes to us from webchiem.com


Wooded black cats DIY project

This was one of my favorite crafts last year. We really enjoyed our session making them. It was simple, fun and quick. Clover House has a great tutorial.


simple black cat wreath by baby rabies

Baby Rabies has created a soft and fuzzy black cat wreath that you can make with or without spooky eyes. I’m partial to the version without… 


black cat finger puppet by while wearing heels

While wearing heels shows us how to make this cute and grumpy little black cat finger puppet.


black pumpkin cat centsational girl

This plump black cat from Centsational Girl is the first of two pumpkin kitty projects in this collection.


black cat necklace craft gawker

Adorablest is the creator behind this darling cat necklace. I can see many possibilities with this one.


black cat wreath by shaken together life

This cute and furry black cat wreath comes to us from Shaken Together Life.


origami black cat pink stripey socks

Pink Stripey Socks are the creative geniuses behind this quizzical Origami Cat. What a cutie!


halloween black cat pumpkins all you

From what used to be one of my favorite magazines, especially at Halloween, all*you has the instructions to make these two black cat pumpkin chunkies. I loved their craft projects.

Enjoy this selection of black cat crafts, I’d love to see what you make.


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  1. We can make that black cat necklace with Polymer clay in no time. Maybe we can get to it next time you’re my way.

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