Halloween Costumes Long Past and Present

Halloween Costumes to Fright and Delight at halloweenistic.com
October 12, 2016

Today we’re looking back, way back, about 40 years into the past. I recently found these Halloween photos of my sister and me from the 70s. Don’t you just love the old plastic masks and the stiff nylon costumes? I remember trying desperately to breathe in those things.   Costumes Past   We’ve figured out that we have a bunny and a witch in the first photo. In the second it’s obviously…


Super Seven: Funny Halloween Movies

I think of all the holidays we celebrate, Halloween has the most movies made about, around or celebrating it. This will be the first in our series of posts where we chat about our favorite Halloween flicks. Today we will look at seven super films with a plan to poke you in the funny bone. In no particular order other than alphabetical, we have: Beetlejuice This is such a fun…

October 1, 2015