Super Seven: Funny Halloween Movies

I think of all the holidays we celebrate, Halloween has the most movies made about, around or celebrating it. This will be the first in our series of posts where we chat about our favorite Halloween flicks. Today we will look at seven super films with a plan to poke you in the funny bone. In no particular order other than alphabetical, we have:

  • Beetlejuice

This is such a fun movie. Michael Keaton is the title character hired by recently deceased Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin to get rid of the new, still living owners of their home. Wynona Rider, Catherine O’Hara and Jeffery Jones are the dysfunctional family trying to make this haunted house their home. This 1988 movie by Tim Burton is just one of the reasons he is at the top of the list for directing Halloween fun and frolic.


  • Gremlins

Gremlins became an instant cult classic in 1984. When a young boy (Zach Galligan) mistakenly breaks the three cardinal rules of caring for his new, adorable little pet, chaos ensues. A young Phoebe Cates is also in this great movie that makes you want to get your own Gizmo and NOT feed him after midnight!


  • Hocus Pocus








Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi are three witches who come back to life on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts. Putting an end to their mischief and mayhem falls to three kids and an immortal cat. This 1993 comedy quickly became a family favorite for Halloween viewing.


  • Monsters, Inc








Who could NOT love Mike and Sully? These two adorable, far-from-scary monsters voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman make this 2001 movie a must have for every collection. Their escapades trying to save the adorable Boo and return her to her world become legend.


  • Nightmare Before Christmas








In Tim Burton’s 2nd entry for this list, we meet Jack Skellington; the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. He has become bored with his normal routine of scaring people and decides to visit Christmastown so he can celebrate a different holiday. Danny Elfman who provides the majority of music and scores for Tim Burton’s productions is the singing voice of Jack in this 1993 treat. On a sort of Halloween related note, Danny is the former lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Oingo Boingo!


  • Once Bitten. 









A young Jim Carrey draws the attention and interest of a vampire Countess played by Lauren Hutton. She needs his virgin blood in order to retain her youth and beauty. Cleavon Little is hysterical as the long-suffering sidekick of the lusty Countess. This 1985 flick is a lot of fun and has great music!

  • Shaun of the Dead








Simon Pegg stars as the 30+ loser Shaun in this 2004 movie that has multinational roots . With his equally useless roommate, Shaun is forced from his life of obscurity and oblivion to save the world from the zombie apocalypse. This is another one of those movies that became an instant classic with its balance of pure comedy and horror factor.

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  1. Ok – are you reading my mind? I just asked my niece yesterday if she knew of any funny Halloween movies. She couldn’t come up with any. I want them for my write31days series (on laughter). Thanks, again.

    1. This will actually be the first in a series. I’m planning on doing other “types” such as scary, family and other themes. We watch A LOT of movies in this household.

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