Super Seven: Creepy Halloween Movies

Continuing with our Super Seven Movies series, today we will visit films that will creep you out. In no particular order other than alphabetical, we have:


Creepshow 2


In this sequel to the original Creepshow, Stephen King and George Romero are back with the decaying Creep himself to scare us silly. There are three separate segments or stories in this second offering. The first segment is “Ol Chief Woodenhead” where a wooden cigar store Indian comes to life to avenge the shopkeeper who was brutally murdered. In “The Raft” we have 4 kids being terrorized by an angry, oily blob on the lake. Lastly, we have “The Hitchhiker”. It is the tale of a woman who keeps hitting, running over and failing to get away from a zombie-ish man on a deserted and lonely stretch of road. “Thanks for the ride, lady.”


This movie has a very, very high creep-out factor for me personally. While all three segments have stuck with me over the years. “The Raft” hit way too close to home for me to be comfortable. Our local lake has swimming platforms/rafts identical to the one in the movie. We used to play on it all the time. Then our lake had some kind of a temporary pollution problem that was eerily just like the oily slick in the film. I must admit that I never, ever swam out to the rafts again, even after several decades. CREEPY!




In 1978, the film and TV world was introduced to a young Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut role in this masterpiece by the then also “unknown” director John Carpenter. Our viewing world was changed by this movie as Jamie Lee Curtis screamed her way into our hearts.


The premise of this horrific tale of terror is that Michael Myers escapes from a mental institution where he has been stashed since brutally murdering his sister with a kitchen knife as a child. Upon escape 15 years later, he returns to his hometown to take revenge on and terrorize the town on Halloween night. Ms. Curtis stars as the unsuspecting babysitter who gets in his way that night.


This is still one of the most popular film franchises out there. At this time there are 10 films in the collection, with the exciting news that there is a new film being scripted right now (2015).


Stephen King’s “IT”


Stephen King knows how to terrorize his audiences. Whether it’s a demon dog, a possessed car or as in this case, a malevolent being reincarnated as a horrific, not at all fun clown named Pennywise, King will scare your pants off.  This time we have a group of kids who somehow conquer this evil, demented being. Now thirty years later he is back wreaking havoc and the former friends must reunite to try to take him down once and for all. Can I just say that “I Hate Clowns” and blame this movie for a large part of it.


Nightmare on Elm Street


Director Wes Craven introduced us to Freddy Kruger in this 1984 supernatural slasher film. The story is centered on a group of teenagers in fictional Springwood, Ohio. They are being terrorized in their dreams and killed in their sleep by this unknown foe. As the story progresses we find out that the parents of these particular kids are hiding a very dark, disturbing secret that jeopardizes them all. Robert Englund makes his mark as the freaky Freddy and Johnny Depp makes his film debut in this movie that makes you want to stay awake – always.


There is a long list of sequels, crossovers, soundtracks and even a TV series that were all spawned from this first movie. It’s a keeper and a creeper.




Co-written and co-produced by Stephen Spielberg, this 1982 film is about a California family terrorized by a group of ghosts who are led by a demon called “The Beast”. They are attracted to the young daughter in the house and communicate with her through the television set. The movie follows the trials of the family as they try to save the girl when she is abducted and taken to another dimension through a portal in the house. I think this movie isn’t quite as scary as some of the others on this list, but it is creepy.


As with many Spielberg imaginings, this one also spun off into three sequels and a TV series.


Jeepers Creepers


This movie is just about pure evil. That is all. Two teens are almost run off the road by a scary whacko in a beat up pickup truck. When they stop later down the road to investigate and see what he is stuffing into a sewer pipe, the terror intensifies and never lessens. This is just a nailbiter that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and then hiding under the chair.


The Exorcist


One of the freakiest, mind-benders ever produced. This 1973 story is about a darling little 12-year-old girl that suddenly isn’t quite so charming anymore. Her behavior is suddenly everything bad. It takes a while for her mother to realize that she is possessed by a demon and must be exorcised. Scary and creepy don’t begin to describe this classic horror thriller.



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