Raisin Hell Ranch Haunted Corn Maze – California

Hubby and I enjoy a good fun scare. We are fortunate to live in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley which is home to a majorly popular Halloween attraction for our area – Raisin Hell Ranch. They are home to three exciting attractions to experience and never forget:


Chupacabra’s Feast
The Scarecrow’s Revenge
The Blackout Maze













We try to go every year as they change things up and give us a great scare every time. This year will be no different as we make plans to spend an evening of running through haunted/creepy corn mazes before the end of the month.


You can check out their website Raisin Hell Ranch and their Facebook Page: Raisin Hell Ranch Haunted Corn Field for schedules, maps and further details to prepare for your night of fright.


*They have a great refreshment stand so you can take a breather, catch a bite to eat, change your pants or whatever it is you might need to do before hitting the next section.


The website notes that taking your kids through the mazes is completely at parent’s discretion, but they don’t recommend all of the attractions for those under 12ish. Having been through the mazes with teenagers, I agree with that statement. We had some very spooked kids going home that night, especially since we are a farming community….it was fun torturing them.


I’d love to hear if any of you have ever been there or if not, where do you like to go to get your fright on?


**I am in no way affiliated with this attraction, I am just a very big fan!

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