Horseshoes for Halloween at Halloweenistic

A lovely friend of mine has started making all sorts of both useful and fun decor using recycled horseshoes. He is really creative and keeps coming up with more things all the time. I am a big fan and customer! Today I’m showing you two pieces that speak to my love of the season. Horseshoes for Halloween are my new favorites.

The best part of these particular pieces is that the shoes are all ones that my farrier (horseshoer) Dad provided for the project!  Here are two of the newest, Halloweenistic-approved creations I have come home with:


horseshoe pumpkin


The pumpkin is fun as it can be put out for Fall, Harvest, HALLOWEEN, and Thanksgiving. I’m excited as he already has a couple of other pumpkiny designs in the works.


pumpkin banner


Next up is my favorite, favorite! It was originally made for me as a Christmas tree. BUT, I loved the idea of doing a Halloween tree. I am planning on keeping it on display all year and decorating it with the changing seasons and celebrations. Pretty cool huh?  I am already working on some more Halloweenistic ornaments for it for next year as I was in a time crunch this time.


Horseshoes for Halloween Holiday Tree


*I found these great Halloween ornaments for next year’s tree. Aren’t they cute?

So do you have a “holiday” tree or any new favorite decor? Anyone else have horseshoes for Halloween projects?

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  1. I have my horse shoe tree decorated for Thanksgiving now & another one done for Christmas. I did a horse shoe cross decored with a cowboy theme that is going to be a hostess gift at Thanksgiving.for my husband’s “cowgirl” niece. I have 2 horse shoe pumpkins on my back steps all rusted with the nails left in them….I love them.

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