Halloween Costumes Long Past and Present

Today we’re looking back, way back, about 40 years into the past. I recently found these Halloween photos of my sister and me from the 70s. Don’t you just love the old plastic masks and the stiff nylon costumes? I remember trying desperately to breathe in those things.


Costumes Past

1970 Halloween Bunny and Witch at Halloweenistic

Photo of Halloween Costumes from 1973 at Halloweenistic ape and Frankenstein


We’ve figured out that we have a bunny and a witch in the first photo. In the second it’s obviously Frankenstein, but we’re arguing about the gorilla or ape costume. Even my hubby who is a cartoon expert from that era can’t remember the character. I thought it might possible by Magilla Gorilla, but he doesn’t think so. Any ideas, anyone??

And to show that I haven’t varied my taste much over the years, decades later I am still a witch..


Costume Present

Sexy Witch Costume at Halloweenistic


So what are you dressing up as this year? Do you already have your costumes?

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  1. I am sitting here cutting out my petals right now to be a giant sunflower next Thursday for the Hallowwen party. I have an idea. I hope it works……

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