Ghoulish Gourd Crafts

I was digging through some boxes in storage the other day. In the back of the unit I stumbled upon a box that had obviously been there for quite some time. As in five years worth of time. I had completely forgotten about the two lovelies that emerged:

DSCN2903 cat gourd 2

DSCN2911 ghost gourd


These are both crafted from gourds! The cat is about the size of a basketball while the ghost is well over a foot long. We had picked them up at an annual harvest festival up in the hills not long before we moved. They were out for that Halloween and then got packed away until now.


I’m always amazed what people can come up with in their imaginations.  We actually decided to try our hands at both growing and decorating gourds. We didn’t do well with either. Ah well, we’ll just have to leave it up to those others.

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  1. How funny Jules. I grew & crafted with gourds some years back. From planting to using the gourds take 9 to 12 months to be totally cures for use but it was well worth it. I made so many things.

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