DIY Frankenstein Head 2×4 Wood Craft Project

This cute Frankenstein Head was recently the craft project of the day. We had a blast making them.


Frankenstein DIY 2x4 Wood Craft Project at


They were a quick and easy project that is also on the inexpensive side. We each used several different colors from our collection and blended some to make our Frankenstein heads unique. I love how each of them has their own personality shining through.


The items needed to make these include:

2×4 scraps that have been sanded down around the edges and ends

2 large screws or bolts

Acrylic paints – I really like the Apple Barrel colors myself, they’re easy to blend to make even more shades

Paintbrushes – It is good to have various sizes on hand for the different needs

Fine markers – We found it useful to use the marker to initially draw the lines


While we just eyeballed photographs when we made our Frankenstein Head, there are several tutorials available on Pinterest. Have fun making your own Frankie and be sure to show us what you come up with!


Apple Barrel 18 piece paint set at

Sculpt Pro Paint Set on

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