Black Cats and Bats

October 14, 2015

I was researching projects playing on Pinterest yet again and noticed I was pinning a lot of similar photos on one of my boards. I appear to be drawn to black cats (which is already known from HERE) and of course Bats! ┬áThis adorable photo that is all over the internet and Facebook this time of year is probably a large part of it:     These are just a…


How to Bleed Profusely Without Really Bleeding Profusely

October 13, 2015

  This time of year people are striving to make things creepier, more gruesome and more realistic. So many of the scary costumes or scenes require an element that we really, really don’t want to be authentic – the blood!   Most of the time you can find some inexpensive, aka cheap imitators, but making your own concoction can actually turn out so much more authentic. And lets face it,…


Ghoulish Gourd Crafts

October 10, 2015

I was digging through some boxes in storage the other day. In the back of the unit I stumbled upon a box that had obviously been there for quite some time. As in five years worth of time. I had completely forgotten about the two lovelies that emerged:   These are both crafted from gourds! The cat is about the size of a basketball while the ghost is well over…


Arachnid Attire aka Spooky Spiderwoman Costumes

October 8, 2015

I was playing around on Pinterest┬átoday looking at costume ideas. This amazingly awesome photo jumped out and grabbed me! This would be a blast to both make and wear. I love to sew and regularly make garb for our Renaissance Faire adventures so this would be right up my alley. I’ll have to see how kind time is to me the rest of this month.   Here are a few…


DIY 2×4 Black Cats for Halloween or Every Day

October 4, 2015

  I have a true love for black cats. Besides epitomizing Halloween and witches, they are gorgeous little panthers. I have a house full of cats, but my most spoiled of the group is my Porkchop. He is a rescue, or as my vet calls him, my trauma kitty. He only has 3 legs, he’s blind in one eye and limited in the other and pretty much is a trouble…