Halloween Costumes Long Past and Present

Halloween Costumes to Fright and Delight at halloweenistic.com
October 12, 2016

Today we’re looking back, way back, about 40 years into the past. I recently found these Halloween photos of my sister and me from the 70s. Don’t you just love the old plastic masks and the stiff nylon costumes? I remember trying desperately to breathe in those things.   Costumes Past   We’ve figured out that we have a bunny and a witch in the first photo. In the second it’s obviously…


Star Wars Pet Costumes for Halloween or Just Everyday Wear

October 20, 2015

I’m not really jumping on the bandwagon for the new Star Wars release – yet. But I had to share these awesome costumes for our furry friends. They are just way too cute. (You can just click on the photo for more info on each costume)   I’m thinking my cat needs the Princess Leia bikini…  Do your critters costume up for Halloween?   


How to Bleed Profusely Without Really Bleeding Profusely

October 13, 2015

  This time of year people are striving to make things creepier, more gruesome and more realistic. So many of the scary costumes or scenes require an element that we really, really don’t want to be authentic – the blood!   Most of the time you can find some inexpensive, aka cheap imitators, but making your own concoction can actually turn out so much more authentic. And lets face it,…


Arachnid Attire aka Spooky Spiderwoman Costumes

October 8, 2015

I was playing around on Pinterest today looking at costume ideas. This amazingly awesome photo jumped out and grabbed me! This would be a blast to both make and wear. I love to sew and regularly make garb for our Renaissance Faire adventures so this would be right up my alley. I’ll have to see how kind time is to me the rest of this month.   Here are a few…