Candy Corn Bark – An Experiment

I’m going to a ladies Halloween Party tomorrow and needed a little something to bring. My husband loves Candy Corn (I don’t) so I decided to play around and do something that he would like as well as fit the theme for tomorrow’s shindig. As we’ve established, I’m a Pinterest addict and found way too many options for what I wanted. Plus I wanted to use what I had access to, so here is what I ended up with:


my candy corn bark


Here is how I go there:


2 cups of crunched up pretzels

2 cups of trail mix (or peanuts, raisins, m & ms, nuts)

2 cups of candy corn

1 1/2 bags of chocolate chips

candy eyeballs (optional, but really cute)

Halloween colored sprinkles


I lined a baking sheet with tinfoil – I would normally use waxed paper, but I was out of it.. 

I then mixed the pretzels, trail mix and candy corn and put it on the lined baking sheet.


candy corn bark 1


I put the chocolate chips into a microwave safe glass bowl and heated it for 1 minute. Stirred it and heated for another 30 seconds until smooth. I then spooned the very hot chocolate over the top of the mixture.  I pressed a few extra candy corns and the candy eyeballs into the warm chocolate. I also shook the sprinkles over the top of the warm bark. After refrigerating the sheet for about 30 minutes, I broke the pieces off and plated them.


my candy corn bark 2


Hubby and Dad enjoyed their samples, so I hope the ladies tomorrow like it too!

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  1. Wow! This looks easy and fun for the family to make. Thank you for sharing. Now, I must find you on Pinterest!

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