Bubbling Bruja Brew in a Bonny Bowl

You can’t have a bewitching bash if you don’t have a lovely punch to serve to the crowds. This simple Witches Brew below is one of our go-to recipes. I usually serve it in a standard black witch’s cauldron,


punch cauldron 1


but I just found this darling bowl and ladle set on Amazon that I simply must have. Isn’t it absolutely perfect?

punch bowl ladle 1

Bruja Brew  **in case you didn’t know, a bruja is a witch – in Spanish

  • 1 envelope grape Kool-aid or other powdered drink mix
  • 1 envelope orange Kool-aid or other powdered drink mix
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 quarts ginger ale
  • 3 quarts water


Chill the ginger ale in the fridge. Mix all other ingredients well, until sugar and drink mixes are completely dissolved.


Just before serving, add the chilled ginger ale to the mixture.


You can amp up the fun factor by floating frozen grapes, ice cubes with raisins or small plastic spiders frozen in the center, or a frozen “hand” in the punch bowl.  *You can make a frozen hand by filling a plastic glove with water and freezing it. Peel the glove off before putting the molded ice into the bowl.  Adding dry ice is also a great option to make the fog – just don’t put the dry ice into the drinking cups.


Here are a couple of other groovy bowls or sets that I found. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

 skull bowl set

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  1. I still have your huge greenware ceramic cup that you could make into a Halloweeny serving dish of some type out in the barn. Gosh,…you need at least a day a week here to do all the things Halloweeny & otherwise you like…….LOL

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