A Dozen Halloween Tunes To Get You Dancing

tunes by the dozen


Any Halloween party worth its salt needs to have music. Good music. Whether it be dance tunes, scary background atmosphere or just fun spooky sounds, you’ve got to have a soundtrack. This post will be the first in a series on popular Halloweenistic tunage. I only chose 12 because there are a ton of songs out there and the list could go on quite a while. I would love to hear about YOUR favorites.  (You can click on the titles and hear a clip of each song.)


In no particular order:


  • “Dead Man’s Party”Oingo Boingo.  How can you NOT love this tune? It’s appropriate and oh so, catchy! One of my year round favorites.
  • “Thriller”Michael Jackson.  This song has to be on every list EVER invented for Halloween. The video is also required Halloween viewing.
  • “Living Dead Girl”Rob Zombie.  The title says it all. Of course once you hear it, the sound will say it all. His “Dragula” is a fun one too.
  • “Werewolf of London”Warren Zevon.  Zippy song that tells a story and stays in your head.
  • “Witchy Woman”The Eagles.  Moody, slower paced song that adds a little sway to the dance.
  • “Psycho Killer”The Talking Heads.  Fun, funky sort of bouncy song that tells you to “run, run run away!”.
  • “Bad Moon Rising”CCR.  Smooth, ballad-y type song pays homage to that great orb in the night sky.
  • “Highway to Hell”AC/DC.  Australian rockers AC/DC are a must have on this list. Their “Back in Black” track could fit here as well.
  • “Ghostbusters”Ray Parker, Jr.  “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” This movie theme became an instant classic appealing to all ages.
  • “Monster Mash” –  Bobby (Boris) Pickett.  The original Halloween party sound. Oldie, but oh-s0-goodie!
  • “Time Warp”The Original Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This trampy, high energy tune just adds to the fun.
  • “Purple People Eater”Sheb Wooley.  FUN. FUN. FUN. That is all.


Leave us a comment and tell us some of your favorites!

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